Saturday, 28 January 2012

A year after the accident

Today is the anniversary of my ski accident. It has been an incredible adventure, but I am so glad it is over! Few days ago I had a flash back of the whole year fighting with my injury at physio and hospitals when I met a woman who just had a similar leg injury in similar circumstances skiing. I felt for her because I knew what she felt and what she has ahead of her. At the same time I felt like I am finally at the finishing line of the marathon and very soon my physiotherapy will be over and I will be considered healed.
The only thing left after all this is a thought if I really want to go back to ski or not. All my orthopedic surgeons and physiotherapists are telling me that I can and I am strong enough, but  the thought of falling and injuring myself is too overwhelming for me is still bigger than the pleasure that I am getting when skiing...


  1. We don't bounce like we used to.

  2. Actually I am in better shape now than the last twenty years, this is one blog post you want to see
    Recovery is really possible and even being more physically fit