Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My ski accident

On January 28, 2011 at approximately 2pm at the Mount Cascade ski in Québec (Canada), I was skiing with my daughter school parent. It was an annual event for the Turnbull School that my daughter goes to since the first grade (they have three scheduled ski day every winter). It was a wonderful day with perfect ski conditions. We were enjoying ourselves and it was one of our last descends. I was around twenty feet from the ski lift, where my ski buddies were already waiting for me to line up to take the ski lift. All was well, the snow was good, and I was not tired. My equipment was fine, and here I was making my last turn and all of a sudden I heard real loud noise on my head going “POP”. That was the last thing I remembered.
When I opened my eyes my friends were already next to me talking to me, telling me “get up”. I told them: ”No, I cannot move”. The two of them picked me up and let me stand up. To what I remember they asked me if I could walk and I thought I could, but to my surprise as soon as I stood up I fell back down. They finally got help from the infirmary and brought me to the stretcher to check me up if there was anything serious.
After examination they brought me to my car. My daughter and her friends got my ski equipment together and one of the school teachers drove me home with my car. And here I was in the car making fun and thinking that I got some attention for a couple of hours and tomorrow I will be better. When we arrived home, my daughter helped me but still I did not realize the seriousness of my injuries. I thought I was just hurt because of the muscle pull and that I would go back to normal the next day. As I was walking down the corridor to get to my kitchen my knee gave up on me. Thankfully my daughter was quick enough to put a chair under me and I landed safely on the chair. It is at that particular moment that I realized I was in trouble and I needed to go to the emergency.
Finally we arrived at the emergency of the Ottawa Civic Hospital. As I expected it took a long time, around two hours, of waiting until my case was finally processed. Thankfully my daughter was with me; even if she was thirteen years old she was my only comfort. They examined me and sent me to x-ray and then I had to wait again another five hours for the doctors to come back and tell me: “Which news do you want first: the bad one or the good one?” I told them: “the bad one”. They said: “You have no broken bone therefore we cannot operate you. If you had a broken bone we could have operated right away and fix everything but because we do not know the extent of your injury we are not going to operate you, so you will have to wait. They made an appointment for me in the plaster room in six day time and then proceeded putting me in a Zimmer, which is an apparatus designed to support somebody who needs help with walking and of course two beautiful crutches.
And here I was… In a matter of few hours I went from being on the top of the world enjoying myself, skiing with my friends to not even being able to make few steps and being absolutely clueless. It made me realize that we must appreciate what we have now, even it`s just the ability to walk, because in a matter of a second you can lose it all.


  1. Oh my!!!! That`s a scary Zimmer thing!!

  2. Did you ever mention the noise in your head, so they could figure out what caused you to fall in the first place?

  3. Yes, the doctor and the physiotherapist figure out why I had the injury. My ski binder did not release during the fall.