Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Have nothing to wear!? Here's the solution

Every morning after I wake up I never know what to wear. I have had this problem since I can remember myself. So, few days ago I had my last drop of patience gone and I decided to change this situation.
My goal was to wake up and have 5 outfits ready for me to wear at any time of the week. And this is for all kinds of activities – whether it’s a gym or a business meeting.
First thing I did was I went through the whole wardrobe. I started from my pants - I took them all out from my closet and tried them on to make sure they are right size, right length, have no stains, fit with my shoes perfectly and don’t need any repair. Those that didn’t fit the criteria went to another pile to take care of later (give away to charity, repair, or clean).
After my pants, I did the same with my T-shirts and shirts, blouses, skirts, etc. While doing all this I tried all the things on and organized them by color and by season. By season I mean winter and summer. As it is winter now - I put away summer clothes.
After all this is done, now it’s time to put our outfits for the week together. I would advise you to get your agenda out and see if you have any important meetings to attend, casual days, special events, etc. Most of us have the following agenda: regular business days, special events, cocktail parties, casual days, sports, romantic dinners, nights out, important business meetings, weddings, etc. Now, take some time and think of what occasions you have the most in your life and then adjust your wardrobe accordingly. Have fun doing so and don’t forget to identify pieces you are missing, therefore you can do shopping smartly in future. And while you are doing all this I will prepare some pictures of my selection for the coming week and post them in my next post under organizing category.

By the way, even Carrie Bradshaw in "Sex and the City" had a great time doing it! Why can't you?


  1. Bonjour
    Je découvre votre blog. J'aime beaucoup. La vidéo de Carrie Bradshaw qui fait son ménage m'a fait sourire! Je vous invite à visiter Le blog de la P'tite Madame.
    Je vais continuer de vous lire!
    Bonne journée.

  2. Bonjour

    Merci d'avoir visite mon blog, je suis tres heureuse que mon video de Carrie Bradshaw vous a fait rire, je pense que nous ne nous amusons jamais assez.
    Je trouve votre blog tres interessant.

    Au plaisir de vous lire.