Friday, 24 June 2011

1st week after accident – getting to MD

The most difficult thing during that week was to get my appointment with my orthopedic surgeon. It was also shockingly tough to deal with my day-to-day life. We take for granted so many things… Thinking of that time… I was facing the problem of getting the food, and not in terms of earning it, but bringing it to my house. Basically, you feel paralyzed and isolated from the rest of the world.  It’s almost as the world that you knew didn’t exist anymore. Every single activity was a struggle… and these are the basic activities that we do on a daily basis. Even brushing my teeth was a challenge as my shoulder was hurt from the accident! I was deprived from my essential chores, i.e. I couldn’t pick up or drop my daughter to school. Besides that I was looking for the employment at that period of time and it was my second interview that was scheduled the following Monday. Obviously I couldn’t attend it and the company didn’t want to hire me as I was a handicap. I was truly physically unable to work.
On top of that I had to go to the hospital (I am not even mentioning here how long waiting time is there) and the doctor I saw didn’t even help me. He refused to send me for MRI and told me to come back in two weeks. The next day after that I had to go to collect the results of my blood test (from the annual check-up) at my family doctor, and when he saw me barely moving he got totally outraged. He took upon himself responsibly to send me for the MRI and that’s how I got it the following week. He saved me 6 month as when I called myself for the MRI they wanted to put me on a half-year waiting list. And that’s when I cannot even move an inch of my leg!
I don’t want to point fingers at the health system here, but I think the conclusion is asking for itself…

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  1. i've experienced that as well! wanted to do the test and they told me to wait for one month. after one month i finally got to do the test, and they told me I needed to wait for one month for the results! and i needed to make another test and then i had to get the treatment.... how long would that take... seriously...