Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Physiotherapy at the Ottawa Riverside Hospital

I would never know how a typical day goes when you have to go through the physiotherapy for the first time. Well, that’s how it was for me: I ended up at the Physiotherapy Hospital after my ski accident and they started the treatment a week later. At the beginning they could only relieve the pain. That’s all they do at that stage – they put ice on you to remove the inflammation and meantime they try to diagnose you.
After my MRI when they already knew what my problem was, they made an action plan for my recovery. The physiotherapist regularly checked on me to see the progress and reported to my orthopedic surgeon. I have to mention here how supportive and encouraging physiotherapist and his assistant was, as it made a big impact on me and speeded up my healing.
Some days were easy on me, others were like hell...
And while I was going through all this I was observing the other patients around me. I started talking to them and that was part of the healing as well. We shared our experiences, pains, doctors we saw. And this experience was so therapeutic as it removed me from my world of isolation and gave me an encouragement. I saw a lot of people who were in much worse conditions, but they were improving and getting better as the time passed. They would also encourage me to write these posts so that other people can relate as well.
Looking back at few previous months of my life and the pain I was going through, I realize how all the people I met at the Department of the Ottawa Riverside Hospital were helpful, caring and supportive to me. I greatly appreciate each and everyone you!

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