Saturday, 17 September 2011

Another Exotic Fruit - Mamey

I used to grow Mamey trees when I lived in Puerto Rico. I bought the seed and planted it outside my house. I started from the pot and then switched it to the ground. It took it 3-4 month to grow in the pot first. It's easier to transplant it to the ground when the root system is already strong enough and a bit bigger than the pot itself.

It took the tree around 2-3 years to grow into a big tree and give fruits. The fruit itself takes around 6 month to become ripe and ready to pick. To know that it's ripe you have to scratch the skin of the fruit with ease and it has to be soft and orangy.
The pulp of the fruits tastes like papaya. It's tender and has very nice aroma. Normally we'd eat the fruit fresh just spooning the pulp out.


  1. Never heard about it, never seen, we import most of these fruits, great post and clip.

  2. Nice, very interesting, would like to try this.. Have you ever heard of a fruit cocktail that they make in Puerto Rico.. bury for a year, take out on New Years and drink?

  3. No Christopher I do not know anything about it....If you find out the name please let me know...