Monday, 18 July 2011


One of the most difficult things is that there is no collaboration between doctor and technician, in my case physiotherapist and orthopedics surgeon. They tend to disagree on diagnosis and treatment and it confuses patients as they don’t understand what problem they have and who to believe.
Another thing that I found difficult to deal with is when people hear your case, they start telling you stories they heard of that are similar to yours. And how people in those stories were really bad and needed years to recover. With each story it felt like the drama was increasing.
You have to remember always to listen to the doctor first. He is a specialist and he knows what he is doing. I had to go through a struggle as I didn’t believe them. And it was my mistake.
And the most important thing of all is that every patient is completely different from the other. Even when they tell you that someone got better in two months, it’s not going to be same for you as there are many factors involved, i.e. your age, your health condition, your motivation to get better, etc. So do not ever compare yourself to others. Your case is unique. And if you understand this you will avoid yourself a lot of anxiety and stress.

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