Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My blood clot diagnosis (3rd part)

The next day when I got to thrombosis unit, they told me that I had to go and get another ultra sound test. It was too far away from the thrombosis department to the ultras sound unit, so they put me in a wheel chair. This experience of being on a wheel chair made me feel so old and helpless and handicap. It was such a down feeling of despair…
When I got to the ultra sound department, it was full of motionless people. They looked like they were half dead taking their last breaths. It was very dramatic, especially that I didn’t even look sick and I found myself around people who were literally dying. So at that moment I really got to understand the severity of my situation…
After they made an ultra sound test, I went back to see my doctor at the thrombosis unit. His assistant tried to convince me to enroll in the research department, but I refused because I am an anti-drug person and I consider taking drugs only if it’s absolutely necessary. Needless to say, they were not happy about it, so as a consequence they told me that I had to take 4 blood tests and an ultra sound every week. And that’s outside of the hospital clinic, which was a problem because of the transportation. Imagine Monday morning you have to get to the clinic at 7am, wearing the leg brace and barely moving. It’s minus 25 Celsius outside and you are waiting outside among other 20 people for the door to open. By 8:00 – 8:30 am they take your blood, and right after you have to rush to the physiotherapy for the treatment. That went on for 3 weeks.

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