Monday, 4 July 2011

My blood clot diagnosis (1st part)

Monday, March-14-11, was like any other day of physical recovery. First thing in the morning I went to physiotherapy at the Riverside hospital. Shortly after my arrival, I got ready on the bed to start stretching my injured leg and after only two movements I felt this excruciating pain in my calf. In sports we tend to think that pain is a good sign for building muscles and we push through it, but in physiotherapy it’s the opposite. And as I did my first movements, I felt the resistance, but when I went to the third movement I had the feeling that a knife stabbed me and without realizing I started to cry. My physiotherapist saw me tearing and asked what was going on, and I told her about the pain. In a matter of minutes, they dressed me up and sent me to the Ottawa Civic Emergency room...

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