Tuesday, 5 July 2011

My blood clot diagnosis (2nd part)

When I arrived to the emergency room I did not go to the registration. All my paperwork was already done for me and that made me very suspicious that something was majorly wrong here. Fifteen minutes later a technician was performing an ultra sound on my leg. Being a curious person I started asking her all kinds of questions, but she would not answer me and she kept telling me that the doctor will talk to me afterwards.
For five hours there I did not know what was happening. I was laying down there trying to figure out how come that nobody wanted to give me any help right after the accident, but now 6 weeks later I feel little bit of pain and all the doors are open and everybody is so eager to give me attention and care.
Finally five hours later I saw two doctors and they gave me a compassionate look and told me: “You have a blood clot in your left leg and fortunately for you it is not above the knee. Therefore the treatment can wait until the next day”. If it was above the knee they would hospitalize me right away, but it was not the case, so they sent me home with the appointment for the next day with the Thrombosis department. I was clueless of what was happening to me, so when I arrived home I searched the internet and I got what the fuss was all about. Basically if I had the blood clot above the knee and didn’t get to the emergency room, I would have had a heart attack within 24 hours or so. Now I got the message!

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