Thursday, 7 July 2011

My blood clot diagnosis (4th part)

After 3 weeks of tests and my third ultra sound they found out that my blood clot was going up the leg, therefore there was absolutely no other option for me rather than take Coumadin. And if I didn’t I could have had a heart attack. It was now a life-threatening situation, so I gave in. They showed me how to inject myself with it… for me that was an equivalent to becoming a junky. I was resisting all the way. Another challenge was to find the right dosage for me. That was a reason why I needed to keep taking the INR test.
But I was happy because my curfew of staying within 25 kilometers radius of the Ottawa Civic Hospital was over. They finally found the Anticoagulation Therapy for me that would prevent the blood clot. I had to follow the curfew before because they couldn’t figure out the right dosage and the danger of it was too thin blood that would cause excessive bleeding even from a small cut.
And now I am just taking my medication and waiting for the final result that would tell me I have no more blood clot!

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