Saturday, 1 October 2011

Windsurfer on the St-Lawrence River

Oh My God! It was fascinating for me to look at these people windsurfing! It was so sunny and beautiful that day. The water was sparkling and these people were surfing in the water. It looked like they were surfing in a sea of diamonds. They were very athletic and I witnessed them windsurfing up to 12 ft in the air so smooth and skillful and landing just like nothing happened, like it wasn't a big deal for them. It reminds me of me going for whitewater kayaking and doing all those dangerous moves that would impress most people, but to me it was something normal because I have already mastered it.


  1. What a nice activity! I'm putting it on my bucket list!

  2. yes I agree with you it is a very nice activity but I have tried it myself and it is very challenging sport!