Monday, 3 October 2011

126-step challenge after my ski accident

This is one of the parks in Ile D`Orléans and because of my ski accident I really wanted to give myself a challenge of going up that observatory, which was 126 steps to go up. But in my excitement I didn't think that I had to go back down those steps. Also, that day my leg felt very stiff so I wanted to push myself and go up there. Going up was a breeze and the view was fantastic, but when I realized I had to come down it was another story. My knee felt stiff and at one point hurting so I had to hold on to both railings to keep me stable.  And as you can see in the third picture people are waiting for me to come down. Previously I would explain others my situation, but this time I felt proud and healthy and I didn't want to admit that anything is wrong with me.

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