Friday, 23 September 2011

How to deal with drastic changes?

January this year I had a ski accident and it completely changed my life. Now, that all those months I had time to reflect on myself and my life, I learnt that the biggest thing to deal with in life is a drastic change – when life puts you in a situation that screws all your plans and all your so-called routine and you have to start from scratch.
It is so difficult mentally and physically. It’s almost like learning to walk all again – you have to find a way to reinvent your life and learn everything anew.
For me it was literally learning to walk all again as I had my injury on my leg. So as before I would never think of how I would walk, it would just happen naturally, subconsciously; now I had to really think and figure out which muscle I use for which movement and which one goes first.
For those who experience it now, I would advice to

  • Just stay calm and wait for the diagnosis of the problem before jumping to conclusions.
  • You really have to go and ask help from all your family members, relatives and friends. Tell everyone what happened and never be afraid of asking for assistance.
  • Also, do not expect your close friends and family to be there for you. You will never know who will show up. You think your best friend will do, perhaps he/she won’t. Nevertheless somebody will for sure.

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