Thursday, 29 September 2011

Century houses in Ile D’Orléans (Province of Québec)

I went to Ile D’Orléans for leisure last week and while driving I noticed that almost every second house was for sale. I became curious of what was going on, so when I stopped for lunch in that area I started talking with the local and asked the question: "Why are there so many houses for sale?". It was with great sadness that I figured out that most of the sellers are elderly people who own this properties form generation to generation and now their kids are grown up and not interested in continuing the family business. They went and got educated somewhere else and built their lives away from their home town. Because these elderly owners physically can't take care of their farming any more and as the government wants people who live there to continue farming, now they are not allowed to sell only their house or only their land; it has to be a package deal. So, it makes it even more difficult for them to sell it and it's sad to see that there's not much of a demand for it as people want to live in a city nowadays. We all want the leisurely life and not willing to commit to such a big venture. We have just become very lazy people and we'd rather prefer to go and buy our food in the huge supermarket instead of growing it and putting all the hard work and patience into it.


  1. Wait till the first Chinese will buy it:) Farming isn't popular anymore.

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