Thursday, 8 September 2011

My brother's summer house back yard in St-Catherine de la Jacques-Cartier, Québec

I went to visit my brother and his family couple of weeks ago and took few wonderful pictures of his backyard. That place is around 40 km from Québec City. I find it so relaxing and peaceful there! That place really gives me a feeling of being back home... Most of all I love the fact that as soon as you wake up there in the morning you hear a loud noise of birds singing together. On the first image you can even see the bird house.

This is my favorite place to be in the evening when all of us are gathered around the fire. It is a really perfect place to communicate - we feel so bound there, we really feel like sharing our happiness, worries, and concerns with each other. I was really sad to leave all this behind when it was the time for me to go.

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