Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Another exotic tropical fruit - Mango!

Mango is one of my favorite tropical fruits.
Mango trees are humongous. Older they get, sweeter their fruits become. The tree produces more  fruits as they age. The root system of this tree is very deep and strong, that's why they can resist high wind of a hurricane. It allows the mango tree to get more mature, unlike other trees because their roots get damaged during hurricanes and they die young.
What I like and dislike at the same time is the flesh of the fruit itself because it has threads that feel almost like floss and sometimes they get stuck in between your teeth. But it worth every bit of it as it tastes so wonderful. I would get all my face dirty with it as I would be eating it. It's amazing  that we are almost meant to eat fruits in a messy way because they also benefit our facial skin a lot.
Mango fruits taste like a mixture of peach and melon. They are very sloppy and not easy to eat. They are juicy and very tasty and their skin is quite thick and feels leathery.

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