Thursday, 22 September 2011

Another Exotic Fruit - Breadnut

In my last post I was talking about breadfruit and I compared it to breadnut as they look very similar. Now I will elaborate more on the breadnut.
Breadnut fruit is slightly different from the breadfruit. It has seeds inside and they are the size of a cherry. The fresh seeds can be cooked and eaten or can be set out to dry in the sun to roast and eaten later.

Stewed nut tastes like mashed potato, roasted it tastes like chocolate or coffee and can be prepared in numerous other dishes. The meat itself is very similar to the breadfruit, but it cannot be easily mashed because of the seeds inside.
So, this fruit is not for the flesh, rather it's for the seeds. I will be posting more on this in future because it's a fruit that is not known much and its nutrient value is still a mystery and being researched by scientists.

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