Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Evolution of knee braces

I just wanted to show the different knee braces that I had to use for the recovery of my ski accident. So, this is the first brace that I wore right after the accident. And I also was using the crutches.
This is the second brace, which was keeping my knee at a 30° degree angle. I look very unhappy here because it was the longest I had to wear. It was also the heaviest and very cumbersome.

This is my final brace, which is custom-made. At the beginning I was wearing it everywhere and all the time, but I am wearing it only for the cutting sports, which are downhill skiing, tennis, golf, and also hiking, etc. It is not likely that I will ever be skiing without this brace because my ligament is not strong enough... But you never know. Perhaps another miracle will happen!


  1. Miracles really do happen, Patricia! Congratulations! It's amazing how far knee braces have come in terms of functionality and design. What happened to your first brace?

    Wilio Curnold

  2. Yes, they do, miracles happen daily.