Friday, 2 September 2011

Watertown, New York (Proud to be an American)

Two weeks ago I was visiting New York State with my friend. Our first stop was Watertown to do a little shopping and dine there.
Next morning we went for breakfast. We were in line waiting to be seated and all of a sudden there were two military ladies with strollers coming out of the dining room. One of them proceeded to go to the cashier to pay her bill. Suddenly this civilian man in front of us went over to the cashier and told her he was going to pay for their bills. It was very poignant because he said: "I don't know you but I am very thankful for what you are doing for my country".
I was very touched by it and surprised of how patriotic we can be. I think I can include myself in this group as well because I am an American as much as I am a Canadian. I missed this patriotic feeling... I didn't get much of it in Canada. May be it's because I feel like an expat here in Canada after so many years spent in the US and after I finally got my US citizenship in 2000. I even went to google image to search for "proud American" keyword. And here it is:)

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