Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Another exotic tropical fruit - Persimmon

Persimmon - just looking at this picture of persimmon I am almost drooling because I know how sweet and delicious it tastes.
In wikipedia they describe it this way (and it really says it all):
The Date-plum (Diospyros lotus) is native to southwest Asia and southeast Europe. It was known to the ancient Greeks as "the fruit of the gods", or often referred to as "nature's candy" i.e. Dios pyros (lit. "the wheat of Zeus"), hence the scientific name of the genus. ItsEnglish name probably derives from Persian Khormaloo خرمالو literally "Date-Plum", referring to the taste of this fruit which is reminiscent of both plums anddates. This species is one candidate for the lotus mentioned in the Odyssey: it was so delicious that those who ate it forgot about returning home and wanted to stay and eat lotus with the lotus-eaters.[7] The fruit is also known as 'Amlok' or 'Japani Phal' in Pakistan.

When the tree produces fruits there are almost no leaves left on the tree, it looks naked.

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