Wednesday, 22 June 2011

First 24 hours after the accident

So after the check up, I had to go back home. I got into the back seat of the car as my legs were fixed straight by Zimmer, so I could sit only with my legs straighten. When we arrived we came out of the car and I found myself in front of my house with Zimmer on and not even knowing how to use crutches... So I come in the house and I understand that my bedroom is on 2nd floor.  After few trials I figured out how I could do this  – I had to sit on the stairs backwards and sit up step by step. After that exercise I needed his help to undress me and on top of that the hospital told me that I had to sleep with my Zimmer on... that was a long night.
The trouble never comes alone and in the middle of the night I had to go to the bathroom. So I had to wake up my friend to bring me there and back. I understood I couldn’t even use my own bathroom as there were no handles to hold on to. So I had to use my daughter`s bathroom where I could hold on to the sink to get myself up.
Waking up the following morning... I felt paint in every single part of my body; it felt like truck ran over me.  And I could not even put my feet down to the ground by myself. I needed someone to help me. And again even this I could not do by myself, so someone had to dress me up that day and for the whole next month as I couldn`t reach my own feet.
The next day I found myself trying to find a way now to come down my stairs. I had to spend 10 minutes to come down 14 steps. After that I realized I could not do an anything to sustain myself: I could not cook, I could not move... the only thing I could do was to sit and watch TV. Going through this I realized that I could not do that alone. I needed people around me helping with basic needs.

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