Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Figuring out the damage

Why MRI was so important for me? I had to do it to get the image of everything inside my leg, including muscles, ligaments, tissue, etc, and not just the bone, which you normally get form the X-ray. I must say here that it was already a frustration to get the appointment to do MRI as I had to do a lot of calling and begging, and going to hospital to get to this doctor and that specialist, and an incredible amount of waiting time. In addition, it was very painful to get it done as they had to squeeze my swollen leg. And being a claustrophobic person didn’t help at all.

The challenge here was that my bone wasn’t broken and because of that people thought that my problem wasn’t that serious. They thought I was just faking it and being a wimpy whiner. So it was tough to get through all the obstacles to get an appointment for the MRI, but I did it. And to everybody’s surprise, it was an extremely severe case of two lacerated ligaments and a damaged femur.

I must admit I enjoyed seeing the faces of my orthopedic surgeon and my physiotherapist as they saw the MRI result. Literally their jaws dropped in disbelief! It was hard to believe even for myself that I got this injury just because my ski binder didn’t release my boots during the fall, which caused all my injuries.

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