Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Trapped in yourself...

Sometimes I get really frustrated when I get stuck up on something, whether it’s an idea or a way of doing things. I noticed a lot of people do too, and it’s so unfortunate that in this situation we are not aware of our own state of mind. We just don’t want to accept and acknowledge anything that goes against what we believe. It’s just too difficult to admit that we can be wrong! Sometimes people can go so far with this, that it can even ruin relationship…
The other day a friend of mine asked me for my help to resolve an easy computer problem. So I went to their house, which was ten minutes drive from my place. By the time I got there the person was already frustrated and discouraged and while I was trying to solve the problem she just wouldn’t stop interrupting me and telling me how to do things. When I tried to do something to help her, she would say ``No, I have already tried this thousand times and it did not work!!``
I just find it fascinating that when we have a problem our brain gets stuck and we cannot get any further. It is like there is a wall that goes up and we cannot move on. We are literally spending our energy going in circles and accomplishing nothing. We become slaves of our thoughts and we don’t let any other suggestions/advises in. Why do we feel this way? Is it being insecure about being wrong or is it just the desire to oppose anything and everything we are told to do?

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