Sunday, 26 June 2011

Embracing change

The other day, I went for an interview for Sales and Marketing Manager. It was a conservative multi-national company and I thought that due to my age and experience that I was a well suited position for me. Well… I was wrong. They wanted someone not to create marketing plans, but to simply follow and execute their own obsolete plans. To my disbelief, I realized that the company was set in their own way; they simply do not want to be disturbed. Although, they knew their marketing campaign was not working but they fail to acknowledge or reevaluate the effectiveness of it. They refused to adapt to the situation and the new way of doing business; instead, they chose mediocrity and conformism over creativity and innovation. Their reasoning was “I want to keep my job and we have been doing it this way and it is going to stay that way”. There will be no transformation even if nothing is working. In this global economy we have to understand we are in a constant change and if you do not adapt you will simply not be viable. It is challenging for the aging manager to understand how we have been programmed not to be disturbed, obey your teacher and your parent, do not rock the boat. This is the way we were raised: obey the law and your superior. We have been taught to conform to the establishment and we have been doing that. Consequently, this is why it is so difficult to embrace changes; the status quo is our way of being in our society. Attention people we are soothing ourselves and falling as sleep while others are becoming increasingly awake and in tune with the constant stirring world. Wake up people, embrace the change! Break out!

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