Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Custard apple

Custard apple is my favorite fruit. But! it’s extremely difficult to find it and the reason for it is that commercially it’s a very tough fruit to transport.
To transport it the fruit has to be really green and hard. But the thing is that it doesn’t ripe properly unless it’s getting ripe on a tree. When it gets ripe its skin becomes extremely thin and turns yellow-brownish color. And it's so tender when you pick it ripe that it has to be eaten right away.
Custard apple tastes like a vanilla pudding with maple syrup. It’s a really rich taste that gives you the same sensation as chocolate. But the only way you can try the real ripe custard apple is through finding someone who grows their own custard apple trees and if they don’t like it, you are one lucky person!

And if you happen to have another luck of living in Australia, you can join this Australian Custard Apple Growers Association that I have never imagined would exist even in my wildest dreams and go buffet on it!

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