Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Guava Fruit

When I was in Puerto Rico I used to work outside a lot, either cutting grass or working in my green house. And one thing I remember very clearly is the aroma of a ripe Guava fruit that I would smell. I have to admit I have a very acute capability of smelling things even from a long distance. So, this smell would lead me to the ripe Guava.

The taste of this fruit is very peculiar. It’s a combination of pear, kiwi, and strawberry with a texture of a green pear.
There is nothing better after a long day under the sun than to pick a ripe guava from a tree, wash and eat it with its skin. It is absolutely delicious and filling, and can easily satisfy your hunger.
Studies suggest that lycopene in pink guavas prevents skin damage from UV rays and offers protection from prostate cancer. It has many other health advantages as well.

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