Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Soursop indulgence

It is challenging for me to think or refer to this fruit as soursop, because I am used to calling it "guanabana", which is a Spanish word for it.

I have discovered and cultivated this tree in Puerto Rico. The tree is called guyabano, obviously derived from the Spanish guanabana, and is eaten ripe. It is also used for juices, smoothies, or ice cream.
Unusual kidney-shaped prickly fruits weigh up to 6 pounds. A sweet and sour juice is extracted from the fruit white pulp, which makes a fabulous cool drink. And this drink literally melts in your mouth!
This fruit is also an incredible remedy, that treats cancer, liver ailments, and its root bark can be used as an antidote for poisoning. There are plenty of other benefits this fruit has.
The "Soursop Tree" grows on almost every Caribbean island and throughout Central and South America. In addition to the pleasant tasting fruit, the leaves can be "steeped" in hot water to make a pleasant tasting tea. Be careful with the strength of the tea, i.e. the number of leaves used and the time allowed to remain in hot water.

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