Sunday, 21 August 2011

You don't need to be perfect to be attractive

Today when I was at the gym, something interesting happened. It was the end of my workout and I was biking in the area where bicycle and treadmill equipment overlooks the weight lifting area, so I could see everyone working out there almost as if I was watching TV. And as I was watching them I've noticed to my surprise that all those weightlifting muscular men were gathered in the same area. I started wondering why and all of a sudden I saw this really attractive woman exercising there. That really made sense - these guys were trying to get closer to her and that's why there were all there!
All of a sudden this young handicap man walks in the gym. He is around 20 years old or, perhaps, even younger. His legs are not proportional to the rest of his body and also crooked. He walks with great difficulty. And although he has that handicap, he works out diligently pushing himself as I witnessed him working out there many times before. You can tell that he is very dedicated to his weightlifting training.
Next thing, I noticed these big guys looking in his direction; unconsciously, I did the same thing and what we saw was: as soon as this young man came in, this gorgeous woman left all her equipment behind to go and greet him, after which she invited him to exercise together flirting with him like a coquette. At the same time it was very apparent that she was physically attracted to him!
And immediately inside myself I felt this feeling of victory - here is this woman that could choose any man that she wanted, but she choose one that was physically handicap… isn't that great!?! All our lives we think of ourselves as not perfect - we are too fat, too slim, to this, too that..., but there's no such thing as perfection and that's the life lesson this experience gave me: you do not need to be perfect for people to love you, they love you because of who you are and it is ok to have weaknesses and flaws.

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