Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I am not a big fan of pomegranates, but my daughter is. In fact, she loves them so much. It's always a pleasure for me to see her devouring this fruit. She was born in Puerto Rico and we used to grow them there. Perhaps, that's why she likes them so much.
I must admit, we weren't too successful in growing them, though, as we didn't realize that this plant requires very dry soil. I guess, my daily watering them wasn't a good idea after all, heh!

Pomegranates remind me of a juicy cranberry, very tart and acidic, and, yes, you can eat the seeds. 

Pomegranates are superb for eating, cooking and decorating. Mix them with other fruits or flowers to create a dramatic centerpiece; use them to bring life to salads, baked goods and main dishes, or just put them in a bowl by themselves (see one of my masterpieces below:). 
Their deep purple-red, glossy appearance and beautiful shape also makes them a must-have for the holidays.

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